For Toy Companies, Family Brands and Agencies

Contact your Adventure Media sales manager and they can help you get started. New to the Adventure Media family? Email us at hello@funfluential.com

Please connect with your Adventure Media sales manager or email us at hello@funfluential.com

Yes, we love to work with agencies who represent toy and family brands. Please contact your Adventure Media Sales Manager or email us at hello@funfluential.com

We are very proud of the outstanding software we’ve created and would love to give you a demo. Please contact your Adventure Media Sales Manager or email us at hello@funfluential.com

FUNfluential supports Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Facebook.

The magic of FUNfluential is that we partner with FUNfluential approved influencers who are toy & family industry specific, pre-approved and ready to work! Want to cast your net even wider? You can search our supported social media platforms for more toy and family creators and request they join FUNfluential.

Connect your Adventure Media sales Manager or email us at hello@funfluential.com

For Influencers and Creators

If you are interested in working with toy and family brands and have significant and active social media followings in these areas, please click this link to request an invitation.

There is currently no cost to sign up as an influencer – it is free!

Please request an application here

Once we receive your application, our team will review and you will receive an email if you are approved to participate.

For Instagram and TikTok, business accounts are required to sign up for FUNfluential so we can track comprehensive performance for our clients’ campaigns.

No, we do not have a specific number of followers required, but you must have active accounts with strong engagement in the family markets.

We work with Instagram, TikTok, YouTube & Facebook. You must have an account with at least one platform (recommended to have 2+) to qualify. We find that Instagram, TikTok and YouTube are currently the primary channels of interest to our brands.

This is a required part of joining the FUNfluential family and is an industry-standard practice. By linking your accounts, you are only authorizing us to view the data from your accounts so we call pull the information needed for our brand partners. We will not post or alter information on your social accounts.

Participating brands will be able to view your social media stats for each channel and invite you to participate in campaigns if they believe you are a good fit. In the invitation they will advise if it is a paid opportunity or if free product is being offered. You can accept or decline any offer. Any payments will be made directly from the toy or family brand to our influencers. FUNfluential does not handle any payments.

No, we cannot guarantee campaigns. Our best advice is to build your social channels to have strong followers, high engagement and have compelling content. Also, when you receive campaign invites, fulfilling all campaign requirements in a complete and timely manner will help you get hired for future campaigns.

Yes, you can be removed for multiple reasons. If you would like to remove your own profile, please contact us at hello@funfluential.com. If you are participating in brand campaigns and you are not fulfilling requested requirements; have inappropriate posts; or FUNfluential deems, at their sole discretion, that you are no longer a good fit for the platform, your profile will be removed.